Drunk Oktoberfest e-scooter mayhem causes hundreds to lose driving licenses

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Drinking & stupidity are back together, again…


I remember seeing the president of our local Students Against Drunk Driving leaving a party in high school trying to drunkenly ride his bicycle home, no helmet, no lights (back then few had either), and it wasn’t pretty.


How do you say schadenfreude in German?


I’m deeply opposed to treating drunk escooter or cycling as comparable to drunk driving. Unlike cars the death toll for either of those alternatives is basically nonexistent. Given the choice between someone getting on an e-scooter or behind the wheel drunk, I’ll take the scooter every time.


If you hate that, then you’ll hate California, which (I believe) classifies bicycles as moving vehicles. So you could lose your driver’s license, get jailed, etc. for drunk biking. And yes I agree that drunk biking and drunk driving are in totally different ball parks in terms of how dangerous they are.


With a car you can kill a bus load of people. Chances are on a bike you just kill yourself. Still dangerous but less so to others for the most part.


I really kind of agree with you here. I just don’t see these “vehicles” as being as dangerous as cars are for everyone else.

I mean, hit someone and the full force of the law should be upon you.

But I mean… they are trying not to Drunk Drive. Give them some credit here.

(Personally, I think we need to have three-wheeled moped scooter type thing with an inflatable hamster bubble with just the wheels sticking out, a rotating orange light at the top, and the words “I AM DRUNK” in light-up letters; governed to 15 mph. Let the drunks drive those home from the bars. Party car, so you don’t get party plates!)


It’s not just California, most US states I have looked at the laws for do the same. In theory it is the law here as well, but most people I know who have gotten stopped for it just told the cops they were trying to avoid drunk driving and just got a public intoxication ticket.


Any vehicle in Ohio…

(Note: To clarify, I agree with and support DUIs for golf carts, motor cycles, and anything larger, obviously - a golf cart is plenty dangerous to other people.)


Heck, my brother got ticketed in College for drunk walking.

He was walking home because he knew he was too drunk to drive, but he wasn’t really even capable of walking safely. He was cited for “Public Intoxication” and given a ride to the police station, where he had to wait for a roommate to come drive him home.


And a drunken lawn mower driver doesn’t give you cold-sweat nightmares?


Sour grapes.

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Unless a car/truck, avoiding a prat on a bike/scooter, swerves, loses control and crashes into people waiting at a bus stop. Germany has (or had, it is years since I last visited) an excellent public transport system and probably there was extra transport laid on to ferry Oktoberfest visitors to central hubs.


I don’t have any studies to back me, but I live in a city with a lot of bikes and drunk driving can be really dangerous. Because pedestrians can be fragile (kids, seniors…) and because you share space with cars, buses, and other vehicles who have to deal with the danger and unpredictability of drunk cyclists.


Disclaimer, I may have patheticly fallen from my bike trying to avoid a pedestrian and still have a scar on my elbow. Maybe.

Don’t drink and drive kids, even if it’s a bike !

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Bassd scho.

For the record, the images of teeny tiny plastic cups is so not Oktoberfest that I find it irritating. A beer is served in litre mugs, plastic is never used. Same with the top picture: though I personally like a nice Kellerbier, that is not typical Munich. I don’t think even After-Wiesn-Parties at the various nightclubs and discos do that. Oktoberfest is all about the Maß

That means a lot of those ticketed were not only drunk, but most likely over the hump sort of drunk that makes you think getting on an electric scooter that can go 20 km/h is a good idea.


With an upper case s.


I live in Munich, and the area around the Wiesn is pretty much closed off to all traffic. For the 16 days of the fest, you can’t get anywhere near there, and are forced to use public transportation or to walk. Even bicycles are frowned upon because there are so many pedestrians.


This is what I meant