Drunken bet results in 99-character name-change: "Full Metal Havok..."


When I read things like this, I reckon the person was just looking for an excuse and lost the bet on purpose.

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however “full metal havok” would make an awesome FMA sidestory. or possibly an odd yaoi pairing…


In other news, New Zealand’s identity authorities don’t mind what name is on your documentation as long as it’s under 100 characters long. Which is a welcome sight.


The only problem being any sort of visit to a government or healthcare agency that requires filling out paperwork with a full legal name. I don’t know that I’d be able to remember all of that…

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There are legal limitations on what you can name your kid, but I guess those don’t really apply to naming yourself.

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Sure, we all do something silly when we we’re drunk, but was he totally raving stonko for the full five years between making the wager and fulfilling it?


Wasn’t there a story a few years ago about a mischevious father who put some php or mysql code in for a child’s middle name on some school paperwork and crashed or erased the school’s database?

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There was an XKCD cartoon.

I’m surprised, because this name has been in my family for generations. I wonder if he could be a lost cousin?


Ah, that’s right. This one. http://xkcd.com/327/ Little Bobby Tables.

It kind of sounds like he might have been drunk when he did this? Not sure how to read it… http://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=11217129

A message on an online body building forum, written by someone describing themselves as a friend of the man, said the name change was the result of a lost poker bet and the man realised his drunken consequences only when his passport expired.

Any reason there is no link to an article for this post? Not usual for BB or Corey to skimp on a link…

As per an interview this morning with the head of “Births, Marriages, Deaths and Citizenship” of the Internal Affairs department, on a rock station (which is where I turn to for real journalism) the extent of what they’ll let you call yourself is: under 100 characters or less, no official titles (Sir, Dr, Highness - Messiah is ok…) and it can’t be offensive to a ‘reasonable person’. Oh and no punctuation, brackets or numbers, because apparently staff at Internal Affairs read XKCD.
There are additional considerations made by the Family Court if need be, where they can rule a name must be changed if it is considered sufficiently embarrassing to the kid (see the case of Talula Does the Hula From Hawaii - who went by “K” and lived in fear of anyone finding out her real name).

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But will it be shortened to - Full M. H. N. S. N. U. T. S. A. A. T. S. C. W. Frostnova? Or something else? Does it become Mr. FrostNova? That sound considerably less cool than Full Metal Havok… maybe should have stopped there.

LOL…this is my child SQL Injection Attack :slight_smile: That XKCD is a classic. Oh yeah, Bobby Tables, I love it.

Nice name. But I’m gonna call him “Shorty” from now on.

I dunno… Full Frostnova is still a pretty fun name, even without all the middle names.

Also in New Zealand, a guy I know won a competition through a radio station where they paid him like a thousand bucks or something to have his name legally changed to that of a particular beer for a whole year.

What makes the story is that his bachelor’s degree in engineering was awarded to “Canterbury Draught”.

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Presuming I planned to change my name back after the year’s period was up, I’m not sure I would have even told the school about the name change. Although, that really is an awesome story.