Drunken man, attempting to steal Yoda, inadvertently recreates scene from ET


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Is north Queensland the Florida of Australia?

Edit to say: This is why every cop/cop-car should have a video camera.


If only there were a video of this guy soaring through the air past a giant poster image of the Death Star…


Home Yoda call!

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Happily there were no casualties, as the police were only armed with walkie talkies.


A walkie talkie, with that bigger nickel-cadmium battery, in a sock, can be a quite formidable weapon.

The Gold Coast is often compared to Florida, and that’s in the southeastern part of Queensland. Far North Queensland is probably a bit more tropical than Florida.

The state on the whole is pretty massive, pretty conservative and pretty hot and muggy. It’s also home to most of the deadly animals Australia is famous for. Oh and it’s home to our Nations strangest/most comedic politician: the mining magnate that’s built a dinosaur park and is supposedly building a replica of the Titanic. Does this all sound like Florida?


Australia is home to two Floridas…Queensland (all of it) and Tasmania.


I dated a woman from Tasmania, long ago. Hell of a woman.

I dated a woman form Florida once, too… meh.


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