Man flies from London to Australia to meet toddler who shares his condition




This chokes me up. What a wonderful man.


Poor kid, and gentleman as well. But i’m glad this guy grew up to be so kindhearted, i hope the parents of the kid decide to stay in touch with him. Having someone you can relate to is a big deal for a kid that’s different.


one in 50 ten thousand… very touching but this is all I noticed.


1 in 50,0000

Wrong comma placement or extra zero?


What a great thing to do. The right thing to do is usually pretty obvious, but – for many reasons – we often don’t do it. Good for him.


Good for him! Showing the world how to do the right thing!


I love this photo so much. Two happy mutants.


I think they’re both adorable.


He is kind of rockin’ that condition, isn’t he?


Photo and story is making my eyes leak a little. I must get them checked.


Dude is actually sort of handsome, in his own unique way.


weird thing to notice but IMHO he could be a hand/wrist model.


Well spotted if you haven’'t clicked through. :thumbsup:
From the article -

Lancaster works as a model part time,

Doesn’t say what sort, but I’d love to see him doing blokes fashion. Mostly because yay diversity and stuff but also because the bloke really knows how to carry himself well. Modelling and posing for shots is a surprisingly tricky skill.


That’s the same emotional disconnect Rand Paul had when he blamed the murder of Eric Garner by the police on tobacco taxes.


What’s so bad about Adelaide? There are plenty of way worse places to live and it’s not without its charms.


True. The bits that aren’t serial killers, churches and bogans are very nice. Although having seen the latest ads for the Barossa, I’d avoid there unless you want to be stabbed by a Birmingham criminal gang and possibly eaten.

Edit: And to be completely fair, some of the bogans, churches and serial killers are also probably quite nice.


I’m from Melbourne… and I jest. Rad-elaide (as it seems to be known by every member of an Australian band I’ve ever met) is pretty cool.


I thought it was meant to be dull? My parents liked it, apparently.

I only know Sydney and Cairns, meself.


The rest of South Australia doesn’t even have the churches to soften the effect of the other two … :stuck_out_tongue:

[I jest, I’m sorry!]