Night owls and Australians


Good evening and/or morning.




Or afternoon?

What the hell time is it, anyway?



This reminds me…I wonder how many folks have realised that peeps commenting on the other side of the world are at a disadvantage when it comes to gathering likes?

After about twenty posts or so, the likelihood of being liked drops off quite a bit, so the opportunity to post a first-reply zinger that scores fifty likes pretty much only comes up if you stay up to the wee hours.


About 42 overs until close of play. Pull up a tinny.


It’s about time the Chicago Cubs won a World Series. Thats what you were asking, right?


Nearly 6pm here


Midnight on the North American West Coast.


This title seems a bit restrictive. There must be others on BB who are in the UTC+8 to UTC+11, and are not Australian.


Yeah, but they’re not Australian :yum:


6 PM? Bah. 3 AM on the East Coast and, well, I guess all is well?

I should empty the dishwasher.


Breaking news from the world of racist Australian politics*…

*Yeah, there’s a redundant word in that phrase.


9pm for me.


The Ancients Approve
The Ancients will move you
The Ancients of Moo-Moo
The patience to move to
The dance steps to groove to
The Ancients will groove, too



About a quarter past six.


That must be a humor site.

“A cab driver in Townsville informed me that the first part of our party name is Arabic. I had no idea” she said while making a cup of Dilmah tea.

“We realised, that if the Arabs can make their way into our party name, then they’ll easily make their way into our country”


Whatever it was, it’s stupid.


It’s actually pretty close to the the kind of shite that the Hanson and her ilk spout.


Hey, those fuckwits represent <10% of us. Trump is doing a bit better than that…