Duck Dynasty launches line of guns




A pistol? On a duck hunt?



Each bullet leaves a beard-shaped exit wound. Hit your targets in the back of the head for that Duck Dynasty-chic!


Given that the original rise to prominence was on hunting accessories, it isn’t wildly divergent; but the timing just screams ‘eh, we’ll slap some paint on existing stock from a few major OEMs and cash in on the current controversy’…

Nothing says ‘values’ like milking the culture war for cash, no?


This was probably in the works months ago - but it shows there’s no such thing as bad publicity.


I suspect that anybody willing to pay extra to sully an otherwise stock gun with a dubious paint job and a celebrity endorsement is 127% more likely to purchase post-controversy. Even among firearms enthusiasts, d-list celebrity-endorsed paint jobs seem like kind of a niche thing(especially given the strength of the traditionalists’ “wooden fittings and blued steel” and the tacticool “Bad, basic, black, like I kill VCs for a living, and I’m not talking about Silicon Valley” school).


what could go wrong?


company releases product


I personally have nothing against Ducks, though I wouldn’t let one marry my daughter.


Given the rapetastic tendencies of ducks, and the genuinely cthulhoid horror-phalluses of some species, I’m going to not accuse you of bigotry on this one…


If you can get Hello Kitty branded guns, why not Duck Dynasty branded?

They are a business, remember, as well as the subject of a reality show.


As an unabashed gun owner AND gay rights advocate I’ll be happy to add this line to the list of things I won’t be buying.


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