Ducks Breath Mystery Theater's Grand Finale

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WTF? Quitters…

I can’t be sure if the sour taste this news leaves in my mouth is lemon, or lemony.

Dr. Science, He know’s more than you do, he has a masters degree in SCIENCE!


Oh, GOD does that bring back memories! I hadn’t seen that intro in . . . 25 years?

I have a half-dozen shabbily recorded episodes on VHS (interleaved with episodes of Max Head room figure). I hope the whole series is on YouTube.

Man, happy days.

Before the Fox network show, there was a Doctor Science special on PBS that was a bit more adult. It was bonkers. They showed how you could clone yourself (badly) with a piece of bread left in the shower, and established that pigeons resulted from lost parakeets mating with sewer rats.

FUN FACT: Doctor Science’s hair is made of a single filament of the miracle fiber Fynel.

I got the feeling that there were problems going on at Duck’s Breath when Coffey was replaced with someone else on the radio show. They also did bits on NPR that dried up after a while.


I adored them on NPR a quarter-century or more ago, and I’d still recommend Ian Shoales’s book. Haven’t thought of them in forever!

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“He’s not a REAL doctor!”

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“but he knows more than you do”

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