A doctor who treats sick scientists — wherever they may be




Had a patient who was a scientist with back pain about to head out into the field. Only saw her once. She was essentially going to be camping for the next few months, I think in the outback, so was an interesting sort of “lifeboat” problem in terms of how to advise her on how to exercise and take care of herself.


I want the TV series NOW! “Flying Doctor”; each week our hero/ine parachutes in to a different medical emergency somewhere in the world. Science, politics, espionage, detection and the paranormal (from Season 3 on wards when the mundane plots have been exhausted) combine with sexy scientist and medical drama for the ultimate day time TV thrill.


I bet he’s 8 feet tall and looks like this:


Similar article on Matt Lewin, but outside the firewall


According to Erik Vance, who wrote the article, that’s actually about right.


You didn’t watch House? Season 4 episode 11 “Frozen”


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