WATCH: Tacky 1980s sci-fi and fantasy opening credits



I used to watch ‘Misfits of Science’ as a kid. I always wondered “If you have a guy who can shoot lightning from his hands, why would you need anyone else on the team?”

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I remember hearing a radio minister explain how The Phoenix was part of an elaborate government plot to control our minds. Since it had already been cancelled I didn’t think it was all that successful.

Now, though, I really want to find episodes of The Highwayman, although I admit it’s only because I want to see “Jacko” as “Jetto”.

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I’d watch the ass out off all of those shows! We need a channel that just plays 80s reruns. And TIL that The Predator and Courtney Cox worked together!

Since it had already been cancelled I didn’t think it was all that successful.

Or it was more successful than the CIA NSA network ever imagined.

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In some dreamy alternate 1976, Judson Scott makes a guest appearance on Ark II and we all transcend to a higher plane.


…Doesn’t mean that they can’t keep trying.

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Wasn’t the lightning guy the stereotypical “too cool for this stuff” type, though?

The intro for The Wizard is really pretty tame compared to most of the others in that collection.

As a wise man once said, “Cocaine is a hell of a drug.”


This makes me curiously embarassed to have been alive during the 1980’s, even though I had nothing at all to do with any of it.

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Automan was great. Manimal was … watchable to a 10yr old.

My vague recollection of it was a hamfisted mash-up of Mad Max aesthetic, Knight Rider and Airwolf.

Ex Aussie Rules footballer Mark “Jacko” Jackson. Here’s a taste of what you can look forward too:



I was only a fan of two of those shows, so I’m moderately less nerdy than I thought.

I say “moderately” because one of them was Manimal.

Sweet Jebus, I think I’ve seen that video before, and I’m not even Australian…

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I remember I was excited about “The Phoenix” at the time because I imagined it had something to do with the arcade game Phoenix. It didn’t, unfortunately, but I seem to remember him playing the arcade game in the opening episode as a sort of in-joke. It’s weird that any conspiracy theory would revolve around it – it didn’t even last a season.

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Wow. I’m not sure whether to be embarrassed or proud at how many of these I remember watching as a kid. Misfits of Science, Wizards and Warriors, the Phoenix… sure, they look kind of corny now, but to a child it was amazing stuff.

…though there’s a show or two missing from that montage. Does anyone else remember The Man From Atlantis with Patrick Duffy?

I watched The Wizard as a kid, it was a pretty normal show about an inventor, starring a little person.

I saw the movie-length pilot episode. Never caught any other episodes. It was 70’s though.

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