Duh! Snuggie is a blanket, not priestly robes


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Yet another cult manages to sue the US government into submission!


the product was a blanket, not clothing, in part due to its lack of closures in the back


And the ShamWow is neither a towel, a chamois, or a sponge.

It’s a wash rag.


Isn’t taxation how we got into the whole tomato: fruit or vegetable kerfuffle?


I guess the Forever Lazy is still considered apparel.

But it’s well worth whatever extra taxes they charge, trust me, I’m wearing one now at work. In fact, I may just buy a whole closet of these and wear them everyday, so I don’t have to waste valuable time thinking about what to wear.





With the SungWow you’ll never have to get up again!
Perfect for spills, chills, and those annoying bathroom breaks.


“The judge passed this ruling while wearing his new Snuggie Judge Robes ™”


There’s no way I’d call hospital gowns clothing, either:

  • Protects modesty? :negative_squared_cross_mark:
  • Provides warmth? :negative_squared_cross_mark:
  • Protection from elements? :negative_squared_cross_mark:

Nope. Not clothing.


Slanket, on the other hand is perfectly acceptable.


Of course they are not biscuits. If your sense are screaming that they are biscuits then they have been left in the open air too long and dried out. That’s the Jaffa cakes I’m talking about, although on second thoughts perhaps your senses are a bit dried out too.


wow my inner dyslexic is really dark today, i read that as SHANKet, and immediately though of ShamWow prison uniforms.


There was a This American Life about how these import taxes work. They are also responsible for the Pillow Pet - which is taxed as a “pillow” and not a “pet” so it skirts the high import taxes on stuffed animals. I guess the Snuggie is another one of these hybrid products mean to confuse the import tariff people. Or maybe it was Planet Money?


Duh! Snuggie is a blanket, not priestly robes

Don’t tell me how to practice my religion!


It’s a way of life?



Other religions claim to offer comfort and calm acceptance of our destiny
Only Snuggism :tm: actually delivers.


I don’t want to raise a stink, but when I don my Snuggie, I feel like the Pope himself.