Duke Nukem remaster slammed for use of AI art

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One of the key skills of being an artist is training yourself to look. To really look at the things your brain just skips over.
And for the rest of your life, you find yourself agog at what people don’t notice.

As an animator, I’ve seen broadcast work with clipping, teleportation and limbs spinning with gimble lock. Conversely, I’ve seen beautiful, soulful animation in the most humble adverts. And yet you learn that most people can’t even see the difference.

I’ve actually found hope in the fact that most people trying to ‘get away’ with AI art don’t have an artists eyes. They don’t notice the extra fingers, or the way the curve of the neck will turn into a lock of hair. The strange lumpen things in the background that suggest scenery, but make no sense when you pay attention. Eyes skip over these things unless you really look.

Maybe that counts for something after all.


And I’m supposed to be shocked that Gearbox Software did this? I heard non stop complaints about the decline of the quality of the last few Borderlands games from long time fans so it’s no surprise that they found new ways to cut corners

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I would be disappointed by another Duke Nukem game if I wasn’t disappointed by another Duke Nukem game. It’s kind of their thing.


It’s not Gearbox, at least not directly.

At least there’s a total of 10 fingers. 6 on the right, 4 on the left.


You know, 2, 10, 11 - eyes fingers toes!

/ht Addams Family

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I could see the “duped by the artist” thing literally becoming a problem. Not that it’s excusae but it can actually happen. Especially with low budgets and tight deadlines. It reminds me how there was a lot of controversy with urban outfitters stealing designs from artists who sold their won art and jewelry design work online. In that case I think urban outfitters was outsourcing to people and not paying them enough and demanding a lot of output. And so those people were just googling art and ripping it off. In the end the store selling the work is still the responsible party. Just saying it can happen.

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Back in the day Urban Outfitters just straight up stole stuff from artists. The didn’t even have to be online.

At least with the System Shock remake, the tweet said “Imagine, how would my immortal body look like… Designed by an immortal machine for an immortal machine” and was tagged #midjourney. It was dumb, but it was at least loosely playing on the fact that the game’s antagonist is an AI, and it wasn’t hiding that the image was AI generated. Also, it was the publisher, not Nightdive studios, and the studio/developer quickly spoke out against the use of AI images.


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