Dumbledore asked calmly

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Ah yes, I hate that scene.

Not because it doesn’t match the book.
Not even because it is completely out of character for Dumbledore.

My problem is that the way Dumbledore behaves in that scene is way outside the range of behaviour that I’d consider appropriate. And not only inappropriate for teachers. If a ten-year-old behaved that way to another kid, I’d reprimand him, and I frankly haven’t seen this kind of behaviour in more mature people.

When I saw the movie, that scene jarred me out of it and moved Movie-Dumbledore from the category of “I’d want to meet this guy in real life” to “the only reason to talk to this guy is to tell him to stay the hell away from the kids”.

Sad. It took me at least three more scenes to get over it and go back to enjoying the movie.


Both the book and movie versions of Dumbledore were basically seven-year case studies in child endangerment.


Adventure, you mean!


God bless Amazon


Amazon has more money.


I cant stand the Harry Potter franchise. Its the least thinly veiled apologia for the British public school system I have ever come across. I didnt miss the fact that non-public school people are referred to as mugs - (ok muggles). Or that race plays a role (pure blood or mixed). Frankly every time I watch a bunch of young adults running around with broomsticks between their legs I want to twat them.

JK Rowling can go f*** herself.


And all this time I thought you chose that username because you were some kind of House Elf.


Different generation. Older British football fans will recall the great working class hero Nobby Stiles - one of the most unlikely athletic champions of all time.

I do however quite like House despite him getting a blue for rowing.

God bless Amazon affiliates.

(Also, God bless real stereo systems. You’ve got young ears in the house now – feed them properly! ; -)

Happy happy, Merry merry, Rob!

I’d argue that Garrincha was far more unlikely. Born with a twisted spine and his left leg six centimetres shorter than his right, doctors thinking he would never walk, and an IQ in the low 70s. He turned out to be one of the greatest footballers the world has ever seen, with the Brazilian national team never losing a game when he was paired with Pelé. He’s probably one of the best arguments against eugenics that I can think of.

But I’m going off topic here, maybe we should split to a new thread.


I blame the casting. Richard Harris was perfect. Michale gambon either couldn’t do the same thing or purposefully wouldn’t. As a result he changed dumbledore visually.

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Apologia? Every time Rowling mentions their version of racism, it’s with disapproval. Her heroes are united in fighting it. Are you upset that she even mentioned race? I don’t find that stance helpful myself.


Today I learned that twat is also verb meaning “to hit or punch a person.”


I think he’s every American’s stereotype of British dental work.

Out of curiosity, how did a Carpenters-loving African-American definitely-not-a-Russian-troll NYC resident like yourself become a Man United fan?



Im not - Im a Spurs (Tottenham) fan. And Im not African American. Im British West Indian (raised in North London) but living in the US.

However I do think Nobby Stiles was a great footballer. No front, teeth, bandy legs, and NHS glasses.

To be fair Im not much of a Carpenters fan - I apologize for giving that impression. I did however spent two years in Moscow where I learned that Russian racism is marginally preferable to the American version.


Apologia for British private education of the boarding variety. The idea being that the clever kids need to be separated from the hoi polloi (thank you greeks) in a system which blends birth privilege with a smatter of legitimizing talent to arrive at a parody of a meritocracy.

For many years before JK Rowling wrote, the whole notion of a public school education was on the backfoot in the UK. Old Etonians kept it quiet lest they should be shunned. Now thanks to Britain’s second favorite billionaire it’s back in fashion, and providing pension for every classically trained British actor.

I cant stand the whole thing. I hope Satanists burn Harry Potter in some sex rite and bugger Ron while they are at it.


It’s been a while since I’ve read the series, but I don’t recall there being a wizard equivalent of the local comprehensive school in there? The ponces had to mix with the hoi-polloi regardless.

Oh, and the Satanists are cool with HP anyway.