Dune logo unveiled at event; copyright claimants rush to remove it from the 'net

Sshh. If you look very, very closely…




Is there an eclipse in the book?


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This Spanish design firm should be thrilled:

From their web page:

Design and innovation have cemented our BRAND to make DUNE a reference in style, valued and recognized internationally.

I actually like the 1982 David Lynch film. Maybe because I saw it before I read the book. The mood in the movie captures the mood of the book in some ways. It is weird enough, even if it is not a very good film. The scenery and costume is also quite good.

The only thing I really fear is that the new film is such a succsess that Dune becomes a “franchise”. There is almost nothing as destructive as films and books becoming franchises, when the work becomes IP instead of culture.


The image at the end of the post just reminds me I’d be more interested in a contemporary Captain Blood remake than the new Dune.

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Dr Strangelove__Doctor__Pick numer three

I wonder whether that’s the ultimate reason for the takedowns: maybe the film can’t use that logotype, and are trying to pretend it never happened.


I’ve got some very interesting news on this front, assuming someone else doesn’t post it first.


I actually just checked on Amazon, and I am confused. There’s a 50th anniversary edition of the first book. And there’s a Kindle version of the same, which states it has 852 pages.

There’s also a Kindle “essential” compilation for only a little bit more €, which says it contains six books. However, the listing says it has 800 pages.

Besides the fact that page numbers don’t mean much, especially not on an e-reader: what the hell? Did they condense the narrative from six tomes to the volume of the first, including the first?

That sounds like I don’t want to read this, quite definitely.

We’re listening. You had us at “I’ve got”.


You should hear about the safe he found in the back of his closet.


You mean Pirates of the Caribbean? They basically ripped off Captain Blood for that, but Errol Flynn is dead, so they needed two people to replace him. And also skeletons, because of some ride.

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I’m old enough on this site to know without the link. And still hope that one day, the true content of the safe will be known. :wink:

Honestly, if you’re one of the commenters that are sqicked out by the mouth-eye swap, pray Rob doesn’t come up with something worse as punishment for doubts that the safe contained anything more than a dank square of carpet.

Dude. I would change my avatar for a moutheye face if I chose to have one.

Ah, no, the one I’m thinking of would have been a… challenging role for Errol Flynn.

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Oh, yeah, I actually had that game! Never got very far with it, unfortunately.


And without drum sand, how can we have thumpers? It’s like Rogers Waters said:

“Stand still, laddie! If you don’t have drum sand, you can’t have any thumpers! How can you have thumpers if you don’t have any drum sand?”


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