DYMO Label Maker for $10

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I’m making labels right now.

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Shit… man… I want. But I already have a label maker I rarely use…

No daisy wheel and embossed tape, no deal.


I prefer the old school Dymo label makers…

I need it to complete my collection!

Never give up! Never surrender!


I was slightly tempted by one of these recently until I realized the alarming cost of replacement tape cartridges – though Amazon’s prices for those aren’t too shabby either.

You can still get the daisy-wheel and embossed tape, right?

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One of these days, I’m going to get one of these babies, a bag of SS pop rivets, and go to town on everything I own.


I was thinking of using one of these for short bursts of distraction-free writing:)


I have another version of the Dymo. Yep, the tapes cost an arm and a leg. They run out pretty quickly. On the other hand, omg my cabinets look amazing with all the labels. I would highly recommend a label maker to anyone looking to organize.

I like the variety of tapes and use them all. The white paper is the cheapest and easiest to read. The clear is the most elegant looking (for when your organizing project ends up in a publicly visible space). It also sticks to plastic better. The silver one is the least useful but does look kinda badass - it also doesn’t print well if your batteries are low. The white plastic sticks to stuff the best.

I buy the cartridges in bulk whenever they go on sale.

Those are the most wonderful Women’s contraception dispensers I have ever seen!

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