Make labels like it is 1978


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But the real question is: does the tape still smell the same? Because I remember playing with these as a kid, and the thing I remember most is the smell.


You can buy genuine old Dymo label makers, made of metal, on ebay. More satisfying to hold.


I hope the adhesive on the tape is better than it was in 1978. Fun to make, yes, but they didn’t stay stuck on most things very well.



Now I’m pondering the difficulty of hooking up an Dymo labeler to a couple of servos and a microcontroller and making one you could print labels with from your PC.

Either need to loosen up the wheel or figure a way to get enough torque.


Remember the feeling though of trying to pry one off of something that was stuck on really well.

And that plastic tape sliding under your fingernail and lacerating your nail bed.


I’ve got stuff from the 70s and 80s my dad labeled with it. Typewriter, record player, camera case. He used this rust colored tape and the letters extrude white from the impact. Looks the same today as they did then.


Unlike the labels from my current thermal label machine, which are utterly prone to sun fading. :frowning:


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Quite well. :expressionless:


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i been known to Dymo chrome
i been known to grip rainbow plastic and the metal strips
i’m the fool lettering fo’
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It also doubled as both a handphaser and the Starship Enterprise. Man, hadn’t thought about these in forever!


I know. I keep thinking of things I should have grabbed out of the folk’s place. This, the jart set, a few more tools. Oh well


I have one like this…

except mine is filthy because I’ve had it since 1972 and it’s been kicking around in my junk/tool box for years. I lately mostly use it for labeling cables or wall warts, and putting codes on the back of universal remotes.

I begged mom to buy it for me way back when and I still freaking love it. :slight_smile:


With my white-out too…


Maybe do a software simulation before you commit?


“Make Labels Like an emBoss!”

Where do the batteries go?


The larger letter spacing on these new ones is terrible.


And some of them will even emboss aluminium strip. I have one of these (though without the alumiunium embossing wheel) and it is a thing of beauty.