Dyson to be headquartered in Singapore


Well, yes, that would be right. Dyson has frequently made it clear he’s frustrated with all sorts of things about Britain such as the inability to hire the staff he wants and the red-tape.

Two years ago he was blaming all that on the EU…


Right Dyson… nothing to do with Brexit… sure thing. We totes believe you.





A lot of UK companies are making similar moves but being explicit that it is because of Brexit. Dyson is just lying because Dyson-the-human was a Brexit supporter.

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I suspect in Dyson’s case it is genuinely not due to Brexit. They moved all their production to Singapore, etc. ages ago (note - this was after his exhortations that the UK should join the Euro got nowhere.)

They have a design centre in the UK but I suspect that’s only because Dyson-the-human (thanks for that expression!) mostly lives here at the moment and the UK offers/offered really nice incentives for tech companies.

Dyson-the-human nicely encapsulates some of the oddities of Brexit supporters in the way he likes to talk about how great Britain could be if only the nasty EU weren’t holding us back while at the same time holding a great deal of contempt for Britain as it actually is.

He also has a nice track record of arguing for things which will massively benefit his company and his own financial interests as if they are things that will benefit everyone.

Hence the Euro-currency enthusiasm. His products were getting killed in euro-currency markets because of the exchange rate. Joining the euro would have fixed that. When the UK didn’t join the Euro, he took his manufacturing off to the Far East. He was quite open about that.

His enthusiasm for Brexit is also based on the idea that we could do trade deals and entirely incidentally thereby reduce/remove tariffs on his products - which are currently subject to WTO terms.

If it’s good for him, it’s good for Britain. /s

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I…wouldn’t normally expect myself to be voluntarily quoting something Ross Perot said; but a story about an actual vacuum cleaner manufacturer picking up stakes for business reasons seems like the most appropriate of all possible places for a reference to the “giant sucking sound”.


Would I be correct in putting him down for ‘Tory’?

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I think he’s more in the “Incredibly rich people who expect politicians to ask nicely and wipe their feet before begging for money and wisdom” Party.

I suspect any political party that gives him what he wants is fine.

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At the servants’ entrance, yes?


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