E-cigarette company Juul's advertising ban lifted

Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2024/06/07/e-cigarette-company-juuls-advertising-ban-lifted.html

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Juul is owned by Altria, the alias of Philip Morris Companies. To expect Big Tobacco scumbags – the originators of disinformation methods now used by every bad actor on the planet – to behave with basic decency and honesty is foolish.

We can debate whether vapers look silly. We can debate the degree of harm reduction compared to smoking traditional cancer sticks. What’s undeniable is that vape companies are pushing this dodgy stuff to kids in order to continue the flow of profits to their shareholders now that the original industry is wasting away like a lung cancer patient.



Also… vape shops are just gentrified headshops.


“Where’s my Juul” is part of the triad of “Shoes” and “put it in a box”…
but also here’s brennan: https://youtu.be/2POq39ce_5I?si=CBPFDKEUFwThgULq

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Explosive fire at site housing vaping supplies kills 1 outside Detroit, sends debris a mile away | AP News


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