E-Spliff. Of course

Someone was always going to do it.

They are hardly the first. Oil pens have been around since right after ecigs showed up on the scene. I’m fairly sure it went like this-- day 1: battery powered ecig enters market, day 2: user mods ecig to handle hash oil, day 3: hash oil specific ecigs enter market (and of course, day 4: famous rapper gets behind one of them, and now they are everywhere)…

Ok, some of those ‘days’ were more like weeks or months, but it was fast. And as for battery powered herbal vaporizers, also nothing new. Hell, the Pax is super popular and has been on the market for a year and a half or so. Of course it doesn’t look like a cigarette (or a joint) but still.

One that seems to have great potential is the Grasshopper. It was funded by a very successful indiegogo campaign, and is running a bit late but sure looks to be a great device.

I know a guy that sells those disposable mouthpieces that contain the oil for vaporization and that thread onto a standard battery/coil unit, except his all have hash oil in them. He’s been at it for a while, and they presumably are made for the CA and CO markets, so  I’m sure they’ve been available there for longer.

it strikes me that because the e-cig market is exploding right now, and since the vapor does not smell (or very weakly,) and everything else looks/is the same, it’s much less likely that you’ll be busted. It is very discrete. one can vape weed pretty openly and still just look like someone trying to quit smoking tobacco. So, as for the one in the link, I’d never purchase one with a green, light-up pot leaf on the end. legality aside, that’s tacky as hell.

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