Happy Mutants podcast 001: creators of the Firefly vaporizer


Much more interested in the new Grasshopper. Still a few days left to grab one from their Indiegogo campaign. Much better form factor, longer (claimed) battery life, also 100% convection heating, and about 1/3 the price of this Firefly thing.

(Edited to correct the type of heating. Thought convection but typed conduction. It is convection.)


Ohhh. I read “battery vaporizer” as a thing that vaporizes batteries and was all excited about this new, green way of disposing of old batteries.

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Thanks for the heads up. That looks very nice also!

This will go great with my beats headphones and unkempt beard.


Really pretty - price is waaaay too high considering you can make one out of a jar, pipe screen, dimmer switch, and soldering iron.

Just to be clear, we are talking about an extremely fancy pot pipe here, right?

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Apparently, “No”:

Can I vaporize anything other than tobacco with the Firefly?

Answer: The Firefly is designed primarily for loose-leaf pipe tobacco. Because it has a broad vaporization range, it can also vaporize many other aromatherapy blends.

I would really like to go to the funeral of the guy who liked to vaporize his loose-leaf tobacco and died of a heart attack in his early 40s.

(Not hating, but I earnestly imagine directly absorbing nicotine vapor - without the stopper provided by smoke-induced lung irritation - would give your circulatory system one hell of a ride. Who does that?)

Um, ever hear of e-cigs? You know, the really popular things you are starting to see everywhere now. They use nicotine and flavor in a solution of vegetable glycerine and propylene glycol. Nicotine on its own is not all that bad for you, about on par with caffeine. The stuff that makes tobacco deadly is by-products of combustion as well as some carcinogens which are increased by the curing process, such as nitrosamines.

That said, a vaporizer for loose leaf tobacco seems a bad idea to me as the vapor is likely to still contain things like nitrosamines (since most if not all loose leaf tobaccos are cured) which are not present in e-cig liquids.

I have been pricing and reading reviews on vaporizer recently and what I found is that many of the products out there are nearly as expensive and pure junk according to the reviews. So while $269 is not cheap, if it actually works well and doesn’t break after a short while, then it is a bargain compared to $200 devices that either don’t work or don’t last.

Completely offtopic: Since nobody else has done so, I’m going to throw out the obligatory digression into vaporizing mosquitoes (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mosquito_laser) .

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