Pax 2 is the gold standard in portable vaporizers and it's now $80 off


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Back when I was at school, I don’t think I ever got the sort of peer pressure to smoke that I get from the BoingBoing Store


“it includes a pretty sizable area for packing tobacco”

Yeah right. Tobacco…


Likewise Genesis II, which is about an organization called Pax, is the gold standard in failed Gene Roddenberry pilots.


If I knew about these things, I’d say this is a good price, regardless of how you feel about such bb ads.


well technically it’s vapor, not smoke.


See, this is even worse than usual for the vaporizer ads. Normally, they leave it ambiguous about what is going to be vaporized, but this one states it explicitly.

If they do mean tobacco, they’re promoting a product and a habit that has been proven to cause cancer.

If they don’t mean tobacco, they’re being disingenuous.


Also, who sets this “gold standard” for vaporizers? Having used a pax 2, arizer solo, magic flight and some others I can say the pax is no where near the best. Vapes too hot, you burn your lips being so close to the heating element. Give me an arizer any day over this scholck.


Thank god! I’ve been wanting a randomly incendiary device that can fit into a smaller space than my Samsung Note 7.


well technically @adonai was pressured to freebase cocaine in the third stall of The Blue Oyster.


Oddly enough Pax’s products do seem to be designed for tabacco. Their 2nd product, now apparently discontinued was a smaller vape meant to work with proprietary pods that were only available filled with whole leaf tobacco. And early reviews (and people I know) complained that the first Pax’s preset temperatures were almost all too high for the pot. But they were apparently perfectly appropriate for pipe tobacco. Early on the company’s leader ship were pretty vocal in pushing back against the impression that their machines were for the pot. But noone seems to have ever bought one for anything else. So at this point they seem to have resigned themselves.

Weirdly I’ve never been able to find any information on how well they actually work for tobacco. When I say noone ever seems to have purchased one for that purpose I mean it. I’ve not seen a single forum post or tweet. Not a single curious pipe enthusiast. Not a single review.

Inhaling smoke doesn’t suddenly become not a cancer risk because its not tobacco. So whatever they’re telling you to smoke they’re promoting something that’s proven to cause cancer. And though I’ve yet to see any real science on it, its broadly believed that vaporizing/lower temperature combustion reduces cancer risk vs traditional forms of smoking. Regardless of what kind of leaf.

SEEE. A friend has one. Apparently you need to set these things at their lowest temperature.


What did you think of the Magic Flight?


Even at their lowest I found the PAX too hot. It also heats up wildly inconsistently when compared to other units. I guess you sacrifice that for style and size.

WAAAAAY too hot. Oh man, worse burn that just actually burning it with fire. Also, looks totally janky holding the battery in place to use it.


Which do you prefer? The Arizer Solo? I have an Arizer Extreme Q and I love it. I also have a Fez portable and I’m kind of “meh” about it. I’d like to find something better.


I have been with my arizer solo for years (second battery and with the pinnacle hydro tube addon) and I love it. It still beats any portable flower vape unit I have ever tried.
When this battery goes out I will probably get the arizer air (same heating elements, smaller form, hot swappable battery) since it uses all the same glass stuff I won’t have to upgrade all that.


How does the heating chamber compare with other portables? I find that usually the chamber is too small on portables. I’m a big guy and I have a high tolerance. I hate having to refill the thing to get me where I want to be.


That’s all a personal thing I think. Sure, the chamber on the arizer is small-ish but I’ve found a single pack lasts me well over an hour before I think about re-packing it again.


“Step right up folks and get your headhones and weed stuff at the BongBong store, where everything is discounted and everything is a best seller!”


When it says

how big would that be? Looking for something to vaporize, oh, maybe a cubic meter or so organic matter. Something that would, just as an example, fit a normal sized adult? Asking for a friend.