This stylish vaporizer will have you 'lighting up' in no time flat


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Does it come with a Fedora, for the complete douche-bag look?


How is it for Cancer? Terrific? Boingboing approved?


Something called the Hippie 2.0 Vaporizer should do what it says, vaporize hippies. From the description it can only vaporize tobacco or marijuana. :frowning:


Why no mention of Marijuana in this advertorial?


The best part of smoking is the moment when it’s finally time to inhale that first breath, kick back, and relax. But getting to that first inhale

Sounds like cigarette ad copy from a bygone era. (Not a good thing)


I was ggetting that feeling, too.


Someone really ought to start shopping vaporizers into ads like this:


“So round. So firm. So fully packed.”


First of all, this doesn’t involve “smoking” if you’re using it correctly, so I’m not sure why they used that phrase repeatedly in the copy. And it’s not for tobacco, in case you didn’t pick up on that.


Of course it’s for tobacco. Just like all of that glassware and those rolling papers I’ve seen in shops that specialize in tobacco accessories. There are big signs.

Chech got arrested for selling this kind of glassware, but only because the Fed didn’t read the big signs and misunderstood.


I’m betting it won’t, actually.


It’s like people are building light sabers. “Oh…I need a upgraded proton power pack with a crystal chamber an adjustable power system”


What’s next - adverts for chic heroin needles?


Those are so last decade.


Needs USB and Arduino…


You have no idea what I pipe in through my bluetooth these days. …



…but with the new Social Media Enabled vaporizer that tweets, Instagrams and Facebooks what you are vaping and when, along with live streaming video and GPS check in via 4G, I will :smiley:

(Also, cops…)


Not only that, it should do it better.


I suppose it depends upon whether you live in Colorado or Alabama (or etc)… It’s good to see products for vaporizing dry plant material; I’m not convinced that all the additives commonly found in some tobacco or cannabis oil products are particularly safe to vape.