Get the highly-rated FEZ Vaporizer for over 25% off


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Get your vape on with the FEZ Vaporizer - now just $99

Here is a favorable review with a lot of pictures. (I don’t have one of these myself, but I’m considering it.)


It does not vaporize Fezzes does it?


FEZ Vaporizer sounds like something from the Dr. Grordbort’s Infallible Aether Oscillators catalog.


PEZ Dispensers are on the same catalog page



Um, yeah…I tried to get one, but the Store declined both of my perfectly healthy credit cards. Help…?


And you’re posting here and not at the store contact page because…?


Because it’s not really transparent that the BB Shop is not run by the BB staff?


Once the vaporizable substance is readily available where I live, I may get one myself!


Is dry leaf vaping really a thing, or are they just selling a pipe that needs a battery?


Came for a Doctor Who reference, leaving happy! :wink:


I already went to the store contact page, and was told that I’d be getting a response from them within 24-48 hours. Deal ends today, so I thought I might try posting here. And renke’s right…at least insofar as store support is outsourced.


I got interested when I saw “up to” two thousand puffs on one charge. I did a quick check on Reddit’s vaporents group and the consensus seems to be that this is simply a rebrand of a cheap Chinese generic. Which in itself isn’t necessarily a problem, but at least one user has reported battery life as 10 minutes. Seems like we might need to define what counts as a “puff.”


Just spray with the alcohol provided and wipe it down with the cute little brush.

Oh yeah, that brush is fucking adorable!


We need a fez dispenser.



It’s just not the same without Snoop. In fact, I propose a new law requiring all Vaping companies to hire Snoop as their spokesdogg.

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