Atmos' high-end versatile vaporizer is perfect for beginners


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Didn’t we just get this “for beginners” vape ad two days ago?


good ol stack social… they must have a lot of those taking up space in the stock room.


And yet, not enough of those teeny tiny twisty blunt thingies.


Are there really people that wake up one morning and say, “Hmmm. I’d really like to start vaping–but it’s just too hard!”?


It requires poise, grace and intelligence to suck off a little box and blow out a massive blue-grey cloud that envelopes your head.

Don’t YOU find that an intimidating prospect?


At this point I’m getting a bit disoriented by what seems to be lack of a style guide for the BB Store/Stack Social ads, which are now sometimes phrased as reflecting the opinion of “I” versus “we”. I’m hesitant to say “1st vs. 3d person” because it isn’t clear who “we” refers to. It could be actually plural or it could be the “royal we” for all I know…


You actually read them?


Well, yes? I’ve also seen Plan 9 from Outer Space. The BBS comments forum is to BB Store posts what MST3K commentary is to bad movies.


Fair enough…


From now on, I will assume that the “I” refers to Mitchell!


Apparently, the Boingboing Store has achieved sapience, independent existence, and a vaping habit.

Who is the “I” in this? Put an editor’s credit on this, BB, or tell your advertising drones to stop pretending to be real people, please.


Came here to complain about the perpendicular pronoun, found I am not the only one concerned about it. A+ BoingBoing commenters.


Doubling down? Good for you.


I have never vapourised anything or anyone, so I guess I’m a beginner. Are there limits to what it will vapourise? There are some very annoying barriers people have put up on some local cycle paths, and I’d certainly like to vapourise them.



I tend to associate ‘vaping’ with morbidly obese exceedingly sexist neckbeard trillby wearing douchnozzles. I have not heard of use that is not somehow linked with this subset of humanity or its ensuing subculture.

So, what are the non-hipster applications of ‘vaping’ and is it something beneficial, or somehow self indulgent and recreational?

Edit: As for the BoingBoing store apparently gaining Sentience. Good for it. Welcome to the discovery of self and how you fit in the wider world. Unfortunately we humans don’t know this whole ‘finding how one fits’ business any better than you do.


Excellent use of a dangling modifier, to give plausible deniability to any homicidal leanings you might have. “I meant ‘vaporize the barriers’”.



I believe you need to hold out for the Star Trek Romulan Disruptor, which is only offered once a year in the Stack Social store.


And now you have. I vape, and I am none of those things. Well, maybe a douchenozzle, but that’s just your opinion, man.

Perhaps any of those things. It allows you to consume your cannabis without making massive amounts of smoke or putting bad things into your lungs.


So bongs have gotten high tech?

I can dig it. Gotta be effeciant to make as much use with as little as possible.

Hard to clean/mantain?