Atmos' high-end versatile vaporizer is perfect for beginners


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Atmos' high-end versatile vaporizer is perfect for beginners

I hate to complain about the ads that help pay BB’s bills, but it’s SO WEIRD to have an ad that talks in the first person voice when there’s no actual by-line. Who is this person reviewing the product? Why should I trust their opinion?


“Perfect for beginners.”


Listed as both coming soon and ending in 13 hours.

edit to add: if you are interested in getting one, they can be had for $76.46 which includes shipping after applying the coupon code ATMOS15 at


Could you perhaps let us know which brands of cheap booze would be good for aspiring alcoholics? Also useful would be a list of cigarettes that wouldn’t be too harsh for new smokers.


Yeah, I mean WTF? BB has jumped the shark again. The main people MF, CD, XJ, JW etc still seem pretty cool, but the site has become quite trashy.


I’ve been meaning to start up with krokodil, but never found the time. Anyone know if I can vape it? because needles are scary!


Sorry, what’s comparable there? I don’t even begin to understand the dig you’re making. Is it based in some facts?


I can’t speak for the person you’re asking, but if you look at the contradictory blizzard of studies about the safety of vaping, and if you consider who is funding them (mostly the tobacco industry, a major player in the tobacco-substitute industry and looking to own it outright), you can fairly reasonably draw three conclusions:

  1. vaping is probably at least a little safer than smoking, and
  2. there’s no guarantee it’s much safer, and
  3. there’s reason to suspect, by analogy with what we do know about long-term inhalation of anything but air, that it’s less safe than not vaping.

So, a heavy smoker who wants to switch to e-cigs in order to control nicotine addiction, and is sure they also need the oral ritual (as opposed to patches, gum, etc.) is probably making a good choice, based on what little we know. But that’s about the only really defensible reason to start vaping, given the real uncertainty about the effect on one’s lungs.

So to talk about “beginner vaping” is weird because it’s taking a product of the tobacco industry, manufactured as a profit-making substitute for tobacco, to the very tobacco users who were deliberately and illegally enticed into becoming “beginner smokers” as children by the tobacco industry. Sure, it’s not exactly the same thing, but it comes across as some substantial fraction as weird and wrong as it would be if Cory Doctorow and Xeni Jardin (or whichever specific person is supposed to be speaking here) were to promote a regular cigarette for beginners.


You do realize that “dry herb” is a code word for cannabis, not tobacco, right? While I support the idea of vaping by nicotine addicts, especially as a way of trying to quit, this isn’t that. Putting dry tobacco into a “dry herb” vaporizer is not a very productive way of obtaining your nicotine fix-- these devices are designed to vaporize THC within a narrow temperature window. Use one for tobacco and you’re going to get pretty much the same combustion products you’d get by smoking a cigarette. But they’re excellent for consuming cannabis without getting the byproducts you would normally get by smoking it.


Ahh that’s it. Do you believe that by making offensive judgements you’re saying something about other people? I don’t.


Came here to ask: “By the word ‘beginners’, do you mean people who don’t regularly smoke?”


Another thought provoking and insightful article by the mysterious and elusive @boingboingstore.


That person sure does have a lot of disposable income. Look at all the stuff they buy (at a discount, natch)!


Cask port, Fruity Lexia or the good old faithful of Coolabah. HTH.

Pro-tip - Beginners will want to cut these with lemonade first.


This shit still kills you right? Thanks BB


Vaping weed is actually pretty unlikely to kill ypu.


Perhaps not, but but it makes you look like a giant douche.


just loving the confused kneejerk bandwagoners confusing eCig vape with dry ‘herb’ vaping.



I personally only trust product reviews from @popobawa4u