Nab the AtmosRX Combo Vaporizer Bundle - now 73% off

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You’d think BoingBoing would be more ethical than posting this sort of crap.

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Just out of curiosity, is it unethical because the product isn’t really worth $60, or is there some other reason?

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well that would be par for the course on the stack social store.

@Radiskulls we make fun of the store all the time. The editors are aware of how icky it is but I dunno what kind of contract they have.


as e-cig and vape are being regulated similarly to traditional cigarettes, this seems about the same as a big “SMART GUYS SMOKE CAMELS” advertisement.


Oh wait you think this is aimed at nicotine users?
Are you new here?


It’s primarily use seems to be for ingesting cannabis flowers and cannabis extract. The attachment that allows you to use other e-liquids is more a byproduct of the fact that the battery uses a form-factor common to all similar batteries, so they threw in a cheap e-juice tank (which might also allow it to skirt some state and federal regulations regarding the shipping of drug paraphernalia).

Now if you take issue with the use of marijuana, or several hallucinogens I’ve seen tacitly endorsed here, I’d suggest BB is somewhere you might want to be selective about when it comes to the articles you choose to read unless you enjoy being irritated.

If it’s the nicotine you take issue with, well yeah you have a point but I myself vape and started doing so to quit cigarettes after trying the patch, wellbutrin, hypnosis, accupuncture, and cold-turkey, and the electronic doohickey is what worked and has done so for five years or so. For folks like me it has helped a lot of us, and while it might not be a vitamin it’s a lot better than burning paper and leaf and it allows you to effectively reduce your dosage. So it has that going for it.

As for kids who are not smokers who decide to take this up. Well at first I was pretty upset by it. To me as an addict engaged in pretty bad self-harm someone choosing to ingest seems really fucking dumb. But let’s be self-aware for a minute, I knew smoking was bad when I started doing it in like 83’, yeah it was “cool” or whatever, but I knew it was unhealthy. Well, now it’s the same thing. They are making the kinds of choices all young people make, it may be dumb but it’s the kind of dumb that we should all be able to relate to.

I’ll tell you the thing that really worries me, it’s not the nicotine. A lot of the people I know who do this are using liquid with no or very little nicotine, they are doing it for the flavors and because making big clouds is apparently the new “cool” element, which is fine. Chewing gum isn’t good for you and people do it for the flavor, so whatever. The real thing to worry about is the vaporized artificial flavors they are sucking in. Look up “popcorn lung” if you haven’t heard the term before.


But 100% of the cancer.

So . . . such a deal?

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Not accurate.


in b4 all the “vape is safe” posts

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4 out of 5 doctors recommend Chesterfield vaporizers.


“Vape Luckies – they’re toasted!”


To be fair, it’s really not; not compared to the pens that have disposable cartridges and battery packs. Especially when you consider how easily the $60 versions fatigue with regular use.

Not that I speak from experience or anything…




I am glad these thinks help people quit cigarettes but i wish there would be fewer idiots trying to maximize their intrusion into everybody else spaces with these. I was about 30 feet away from someone today when i wandered into their fruit flavoured air. I really don’t want to share it.


You keep telling yourself that.

Lack of knowledge is not evidence of safety.

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I once bummed a cigarette at a time when I was taking Wellbutrin. (What can I say, I was under the weight of four finals and three papers). After the first few blissfully calming drags, I became curious about the phase III results for bupropion as nicotine cessation therapy, as it certainly wasn’t doing anything to dampen my buzz.

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I was under the impression that it worked by reducing the agitation associated with quitting, not by making the experience unpleasant.

I know there is a drug that makes alcohol consumption unpleasant (antabuse), but I don’t know of anything like that for nicotine.

My bf has used Wellbutrin to help quit smoking in the past, and his experience was that it does both: it acted as a buffer on his nerves with the lessened nicotine, but it also just sort of killed his enjoyment of it. After a couple of weeks on Wellbutrin he just didn’t really like the ritual of smoking anymore and found it easier to stop.

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Shame on, you BB. You’re better than this. Scratch that, you should be better than this.