Atmos' bigger, better new vape delivers a longer vape sesh


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Some cyberpunk story\game\movie from the 80s had CafSticks (or something similar) that people smoked for caffeine (or other stimulant)

I could see having a vape for some stimulant concoction.

Give me a reason to leave my office for my caffeine and go hang out with the cool kids in the smoker’s area.


“Vape sesh”? Does the Boing Boing store have mini-wet vacs for vomit?


Perfect for all night Python coding sessions to automate your new HD drone!


While listening to music on your new Bluetooth earphones!


I signed up for their mailing list during a contest, but seeing the constant vape and weed stuff is such a turn off it makes me not want to shop with them.


You’ve got to admit that, for stoners, they’ve got their shit together.


If you haven’t yet found the perfect vape on boingboing, maybe it doesn’t exist.


Careful with that “best of” product, the bamboo bedsheets. If it was actual bamboo, it would be horribly itchy. If it’s actually rayon (as is most of these things), then it can’t be advertised as bamboo.


Wasn’t ATMOS part of the Sontaran Strategy to poison the planet Earth to create perfect breeding conditions for an entire Sontaran army?

OMG, maybe that’s what the weed legalization movement is all about. Uh oh.


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