7 high-tech vaporizers on sale for up to 65% off

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Ahh good, I have a list of people that need vaporizing.


I’ve never been a fan of these proprietary mini vape devices. They just can’t mach the performance of a decent dual battery box mod or mech mod with a decent RDA on top. I’m currently using a Lost vape Paranormal mod with a Hell vape, Drop dead RDA running SS claptons.

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I kinda like the digital pipe. Would go well with my labcoat.


are you talking e-juice vaping? also that Nano one looks like a bog standard 510-thread oil vape. Unless 510-thread carts are ‘proprietary’ enough to you…

Call me a spoilsport if you like,but I’d like to point out these articles on vaping…



It’s your site of course, and you can write what you like.


They are all juice vaping devices and by proprietary, I mean they all take their own specific pods or atomizer coils. I much prefer rebuildable decks as a reel of wire and a pack of cotton goes a lot further then a pack of their coils and pods and works out a lot cheaper too. Also these devices become useless once their batteries have failed… With a true box mod you can just put in new batteries. I have mods and RDA’s / RDTA’s that are years old and still going strong. How long do you reckon any of these devices will last.


“We”, eh? So which one of our intrepid bloggers likes to vape?

I didn’t realize vaping was so complicated that there are difficultly levels.

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Some people may have trouble choosing in which orifice it should go.

The BB store and the BB articles don’t normally cross streams. You have to approach store posts with a healthy sense of disbelief. I tend to read them for the comments.

Rank up!


To be honest, when I was looking for a vape pen for the bf as a gift, I was sort of baffled at the bizarre assortment of non-compatible standards out there, and everyone had a opinion on what ones were best. “Buy 510-thread tanks!” “No, get eGo standards!” “Build your own mod with this battery standard and these tanks coils and juice injector bla bla bla.” It’s a bit wild west out there.

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I really like the 15 blitpo-flüork standard that comes pre-installed on all the new Quokka brand eStogies. The old 13 pinto-norrgle firmware was way too glitchy for my mission critical vaping, probably because of the procrustean accelerometer underlayment that it conformed to. The new 15b-f plays nice with all Horkaenfloueffian predilectionism and other open source models, all while working dual-handed with herbaceous borders and aqueous nut-butters.


First thiing I saw was the Hera 2’s “Vibrate” setting and thought, now that’s dual-use!

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