This high-performance herbal vaporizer is as smart as it is handsome


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A herbal vaporizer. For God’s sake, how the mighty Boing Boing has fallen


But what about the price! It’z a steal!


I still have the original pax, and it still works great. That said, I have it on good authority that there are much cheaper options that are really good for extracts.


C’mon. "Herbal’ means marijuana.
“The vaporizer more Coloradans use!”


“Vaporize your foes in style.”

The Pax 3 is a stylish, discreet unit that quickly and easily heats both loose-leaf herbs and extracts.
Finally, I won't look like such a dork vaping all that basil and vanilla extract.


Vaping is for hipsters. I just stick my head in the spice cabinet and take a big whiff.


If you leave it on the dashboard of your car with the windows rolled down, you will have two there by the time you get back to the car.


Marijuana, my sworn enemy.


Us hipsters do too, but our spice racks are artisanal.

Mine was made out of reclaimed wood from an abandoned unicycle factory by a small team of artisans who pass time by claiming that the band only they have heard of is better on vinyl.


Well, shit. Finally they have the vape I want, and they won’t ship to Belgium.


I saw “smart” and then I saw the price.


How exactly is the Pax 3 any better than a $10 highlighter battery?

Like, I switched from a Pax 2 to a highlighter pen and legitimately think that Bloom Farms and State do a better job. This just looks like the same thing for 30x the price.


$274 is a high price for a conduction vaporizer. Convection is the way to go for both efficiency of vaporizing and better taste.

These are cheaper and better:
Boundless CF,
the Firewood vaporizer (made by hand in the US I think. currently sold out),
and for something small, cheap and butane powered (meaning there’s no batteries that will wear out or electronics to break), the Dynavap


Where have you been for the last 1.5 years of vaporizer ads here?


But it could just as easily mean Lemon Zinger!


HRM. Will this become the new knife-sharpening debate?


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