Get your vape on with the FEZ Vaporizer - now just $99

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I bought one of these the last time the BoingBoing Store had them on sale.

I don’t recommend it at all for dried cannabis. I haven’t used it with concentrates; it’s not really designed for that. YMMV for other kinds of plant material, but who’s going to use it for that?

My issues:

  1. The burn chamber is too small. You have to reload it a couple of times to get a good buzz on. And surprise! The burn chamber gets HOT and there is bare metal exposed when you take the mouthpiece off.

  2. Speaking of the mouthpiece, the screen on the end (inside the burner chamber) gums up really easily. It’s pretty easy to clean, but who wants to do that every time you toke up?

  3. It takes too long to heat up to “ready” and it automatically switches into standby mode way too fast. They claim it “heats up in 60 seconds.” Maybe if it’s empty it would. But it takes three or four minutes with the burn chamber loaded.

  4. Despite the adjustable thermostat, the material inside is heated inconsistently. When you empty the used material, there are spots that are burned black and spots that never got heated up.

  5. The “2,000 puffs per charge” is a complete lie. You have to charge it up every three or four days, even with light use.

  6. The coating on the mouthpiece delaminates easily and you end up with tiny flakes of plastic in your mouth. They provide a few silicone rubber mouthpiece covers but they taste funny (kind of weird and rubbery.)

I emailed the producer (not the BB Store/Stack Social) with some of these issues twice using the contact form on their website and they never even acknowledged the emails. And the BoingBoing Store allows no refunds/no returns.

If you need a cheap vape for very occasional use, this might be okay. But for regular or heavy use, stay away from this one. It’s only a hundred bucks, but you get what you pay for.


Most of the problems you mention are pretty much inherent to that type of design. Some manufacturers may be slightly better than others, in terms of build quality, but they all work the same way, and have the same shortcomings.

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You’re probably right. I may have been mislead by the lengthy review I quoted in the previous discussion. RatWoman endorsed the reviewer (they’re both mommy-bloggers, and are vaguely acquainted in that genre) but her experiences don’t correspond to my own.

I am considering the Pax 2… but as it’s almost three times as expensive, I’ll only be buying it from a place that allows returns.

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Professor Song could use one of these.

I like the Magic Flight Launch Box. It pre-dates most of the other portable vape designs out there.

  1. It takes a standard Amazon NIMH AA (in fact the AMZN AAs work better than the factory cells).
  2. Power and heat control are manual…you hold it on if you want it to heat up, you let go of the battery when you’re done.
  3. You can use it without a mouthpiece, called “native mode”, or you can use a glass straw. No rubber/silicone pieces.
  4. Lifetime functional guarantee, and they’ll send you a new one even if you break it.

I don’t regret buying the Pax 2 for a second. Better than dropping $99 on a mediocre vaporizer, IMO.


Now ya tell me! :wink:

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At first I thought this article was about a PEZ vaporizer. Which would be way more awesome.


I totally only came into this thread to say the same thing. At least it wasn’t just me!



Two things.

  1. WOW!!! That is awesome!
  2. Pax.

(I haven’t even seen a leaf since I embarrassed myself a while ago. Okay, sure, I embarrass myself all the time… this isn’t about me!! :D)


Watch out for the pax, man.


And even that isn’t gonna make it into the disappointed list.

Damnit, I have work to do.


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