Check out this analog vape pen if you prefer the real thing to liquids and concentrates

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So this is just a pipe, unless i’m missing something


Looks like a DynaVap M knockoff to me, but with colour changing rather than a clicking noise to indicate the tip has reached temperature.


“Ceci n’est pas une pipe”


No I think you heat the chamber without the flame actually igniting the plant matter - same as an electric dry herb vape, but without the bothersome convenience of not needing a lighter or being able to accidentally burn your hand.


Aw c’mon. You haven’t lived until you’ve put the wrong end of a butane heated vaporizer in your mouth!


Is advertising smoking the most responsible thing to be doing in the middle of a pandemic that attacks people’s lungs and has shown to be harsher on smokers?


I have a pipe that works on the same principle. It’s fiddly and takes practice to add enough heat to vaporize without toasting the herb. The hits are weak. I’ve also read concern that the air flowing through may have unspent fuel from the lighter. It sits in a drawer waiting for the day that every other possible mode of ingestion is unavailable.

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Is this going to be one of those times where people start using “digital” to mean “electric?”

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Seems more likely, what with the entry point for a virus a good burn would offer. :wink:

I set my nose hair on fire once.

so, like, a crack pipe


With the Hippie, you’ll get the clean smoke and convenience of a vape pen […]

Huh. Clean smoke. Right. Next you’ll be trying to sell me on “clean” coal plants.


Fingers are involved?

sadly it seems you have to use a torch so the risk is still there.

I don’t recommend this product as stated above. But to clarify regardless. This and the pipe I have, work to heat air in one chamber. You then draw the heated air through a second chamber that holds the flowers. The heated air pulls much of the good stuff out of the flowers without combusting them. So there is no smoke.

Although if you overheat the outer chamber you will sometimes get minor scorching of the flowers touching the metal chamber wall closest to where you are holding the lighter. So if done wrong you might get a wisp of smoke on accident.

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