Vaporizer Review: Ascent by Da Vinci


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Yeah, but these are a luxury version. The extra money makes them cool and safe. Boing Boing says so.

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It’s not an e-cigarette or anything like it. There’s no liquid, no PG/VG mix, no nicotine. All it is is a little glass chamber which heats up to a specific temperature and vapourizes your… plant matter. Even though it uses the term “vape” it is in no way connected e-cigs or any of their health risks or benefits.


I went with the pax instead of that recently, not because it’s better, per se, but because it’s smaller and more discreet, and the major reason I want a vape is to be able to smoke while I’m out in the city.

Help me understand what I’m seeing here: This is a review, paid for by the manufacturer of the item being reviewed? Isn’t that like, twelve kinds of sketchy?

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“…and now a message from our sponsors…”

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I went with the magic flight launch box. Its definitely the most crude but it does the job and has saved me a lot of cash. It leaves basically not smell behind which is great also. I think it’s worth the hundred bucks. If this is what you’re into at least.

Its about ethics in drug paraphernalia journalism


“sponsored content” and says so prominently, as in, written by someone who then paid to place it here.

No. It is one form of advertising, and quite common. Nothing sketchy unless someone pretends otherwise. Maybe you read this as written by one of the boingers, or skipped the part where it says it is part of a series of ads, right at the top of the ad. I admit I didn’t read past that part, but I did read at least that much of it.


I used to use one of those, but it never really hit hard enough for me.

On my work computer it doesn’t show anywhere as a sponsored blog post. It just says By Boing Boing, nothing more. On my laptop and cellphone it does show as being sponsored.

There are and can be instances of the site not displaying sponsored content as such.

Perhaps you should have read on. You would have found that the first person reviewer is an anonymous Boinger: “Every member of the team here at Boing Boing who has tried Da Vinci’s digital hand-held vaporizer, the Ascent, has remarked at how well made the device is, and how good it feels in your hand.”

So, yes, it would seem to be an in-house review, sponsored by the manufacturer.

Thank you. I heard about this device first on BB Gadgets.
As a legal medical user ( yes, there are a few of us ) I get up to 20% CBD rated herb with very little THC. I find the THC makes me wired and try to avoid it.
At home I use an AC powered Vapor Brothers.
Though I may only use it before bed once a week, or as needed, I find vaping really works for my chronic pain.
Heading out for a family Thanksgiving I wish I had a portable one. Smoking is tough to do once you get used to a Vaporizer.
As always BB is a place I find the facts.
Please start a 411/4:20 blog For all us Happy Mutants!
W00T, I found it on sale:



I like that this unit vapes oils too. Not as small as i would like it to be, but people always thinks its an old cell phone so the design still keeps it discreet in my opinion.

I own, and have tried several portable vaporizers. The Ascent by far is the best in the bunch to me. The pure glass path and bowl offer the best flavor on the market. The battery life is superior - basically double the PAX, Firefly, etc. And I can use it while charging, unlike the others. It’s the precision temp control that is my favorite feature though. I like more options than LOW/MEDIUM/HIGH. Every compound vaporizes at a specific temperature - and I love being able to craft my own experience. My wife uses it to vaporize peppermint and chamomile - which have a lower vaporization point. I wish these were around 20 years ago when I was in high school :smile:

Boing boing has long had sponsored content


Blackout X makes a PV that does plant matter as well as oils. It used to sponsor Getting Doug With High and I considered getting one of those because it’s pretty stealthy as it can pass for a pen at a glance. It does, unfortunately, very little to mitigate the smell.

Well, Sponsored Content is less obnoxious than pop up ads. So I guess that’s progress. Sigh. Anyway, we only have ourselves to blame for this sorry state of affairs. We all expect the Internet to be free, but content creators gotta feed their families, too.
So here’s my proposal. If you cough up some dough for Boing Boing or any other site, you’ll get a 100% ad-free site, and that includes no Sponsored Content. Fair enough?

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“Every member of the team here” does not mean one of the team wrote the piece. It sure can imply that, but logically it says that one or more of the boingers have made poitive remarks like the one you mentioned while in the same location as the author. It’s not an attributred or attributable quote, and I see no indication that says the author is definitely a boinger. Doesn’t preclude that, but it also does not definitively indicate that.

Anyhow, it’s just an ad. Gotta keep the lights on somehow.

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