Vaporizer Review: Ascent by Da Vinci

The style and content imply support for the product. That goes beyond just an ad. Also using the word review implies some impartiality directly contradicted by being sponsored content.


Oh, just in case someone hasn’t been put off by the somewhat suspect method of advertising, the Ascent is available on Massdrop for ~$150, which is a pretty decent price.

I’m tempted myself…

Couple things…

First, even Glantz has to say, “There’s no question that a puff on an e-cigarette is less toxic than a puff on a regular cigarette". Then he goes on to explain, shockingly, that is some cases inhaling things may irritate your lungs. Note that they are no longer complaining about the actual chemicals anymore, or even nicotine for that matter because they know the science just isn’t there.

Finally, THIS IS NOT AN E-CIG!! This is essentially a lighter with chamber to smoke weed. Seriously!

Yeah. Boing Boing are in the pockets of Big Vape.


Not a vaporiser review unless by RavenVapes5v510.

No, sorry, I disagree. Something called a review will never be an advertisement in most venues. No newspaper I’m aware of would ever run a review that was really an ad, nor would any site or magazine that provides reviews as regular content. Sure, there’s a “sponsored content” tag (which I must say is a weak circumlocution for “advertisement”) but the editor should nevertheless reject any ad that falsely claims to be a review. And I don’t really care if the ad was written by a staff person or not. It’s still been bought and paid for, just like some radio spot read by the host instead of recorded in a studio.


I’m a long time reader of Boing Boing and created an account yesterday to ask Boing Boing to identify the author of this piece and to point the site operators to the FTC guidelines on endorsements in advertising. Since that time, the post (and my account) were both deleted.

So, is this the standard practice of this site?

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Well I guess fools come in all sizes, then.

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