E.T.-themed LEGO build moves to next stage of contest

Originally published at: E.T.-themed LEGO build moves to next stage of contest | Boing Boing

The process for this is surprisingly interesting. Once a design wins, it has to be to be totally reimplemented by LEGO designers because they have to design with manufacture and distribution in mind, whereas fans do not. Fan creations tend to, for example, have exotic out-of-production pieces in them, and often have so-called “illegal” connections (meaning pieces joined in a way that violates the System rules about stress on components and hold strength). LEGO designers also have to design with instructions in mind. They have to work with the illustrators to come up with subassemblies and piece layouts that will make sense when drawn out isometrically, and with colours that will be easy to interpret on the page. LEGO designers also have to hit a price point of course, which means limiting certain pieces that are more expensive to produce, as well as limiting overall piece count.

The final set that ships always looks amazingly close to the fan submission, but is usually completely different in construction. A real tribute to the expertise of LEGO designers, as well as the flexibility of the LEGO System.


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