Video: architect's incredible basement LEGO building room



I’m rarely downright acquisitive, but – damn – I want this


Yep, yet another lotto winnings thing to do added to list.


i am so insanely jealous right now.

Watching that calmed me considerably.

Carry on, good sir.

Isn’t sorting by color a waste of time? I can easily pick a particular color out of a pile of like-shaped bricks but would have a hell of a time picking a particular shape out of a pile of like-colored bricks.


I am impressed at management of wife approval factor.

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So this is a tax-deductible work expense, right? :moneybag:

If you are building up a wall of a given color, it’s really nice to be able to grab a handful of identical parts. Otherwise it’s attach, search, pick, attach, rinse, lather, repeat.

This is not a LEGO building room. I do not see any LEGOs on the floor at all, nor anybody hopping on one bare foor and cursing.


In this particular case, it’s a husband approval factor. He seems to be rather thrilled with the lego as well, though. As do the two kids.

I’m friends with theses guys and both of them are LEGO fans and builders, though Jeff seems more into it. I don’t think there has every been much, if any approval factor issues whatsoever. They’ve had a “LEGO room” in every house they’ve lived in.


MY 250000pc Lego room would look like a giant ball (well, cuboid) pit, in which I would flop around cursing til I found the requisite tiny piece. And I would be happy in it.

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Why in the world isn’t the coffee table made of Lego?

But is there an exchange somehow? His husband gets to indulge in something else?

(In the interview the lego guy kept saying “I”, not “we”. The dutiful husband and kids were sort of just thrown in at the end).

A gloriously messy room with a floordrobe? That space is just too tidy

I imagine the wet bar had something to do with that.

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