LEGO bonsai

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this is about the only kind of bonsai i can probably manage. i’ve tried the real thing, and… sigh.


The cherry blossoms are pink frogs.


Holy shit, I really like these. Especially the biomechanics flowers.

Kits like this are fantastic, because they are helping to mainstream the modern building style. Most peoples’ top “complaint” about modern LEGO is that “there are too many specialized pieces”. People think the system is less flexible because there are spaceship-looking parts in the spaceship set, instead of just square blocks. That’s the opposite of the truth. The modern pieces are still engineered into the system and can be used in infinite ways. That spaceship carapace is now a flower petal. That fire truck hose is now the vine on a bonsai trunk.

So if you’re one of those folks who thinks LEGO was better before they started making special purpose parts, go browse modern AFOL* sites and see what an incredible creative addition all these modern pieces are. But you still don’t want to step on them.

*Adult Fan Of LEGO


They are amazing, and I would love to try the Bonsai one, but the resellers-only option on these mean no chance of getting one soon. When the bonsai tree was on BB a few weeks back, it was pointed out that these sold out pretty quickly and you have to pay 2x the cost, minimally, to get one now.

It’s only temporarily out of stock. Lego will be making more and you can have them email you when they come back in stock.

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