Obsolete technology LEGO kits

Originally published at: http://boingboing.net/2017/08/01/obsolete-technology-lego-kits.html

I’m using an office chair right now!


I made a Lego kit in Minecraft…


It would have to be bigger than these, but I wonder if you could make a LEGO IMSAI?


I would have thought that was a PXI chassis, being unfamiliar with that particular slice of history.

As for the kit, it’s kind of cute, but with no studs showing one might as well just resort to 3D-printing and be done with it. One gentle tap is going to send all those little thingamabobs flying everywhere.

That’s pretty neat, I like it. Though the Mac Classic style kit would be a more accurate representation of my early computing days.

Poked around his site and found some Bonsai inspired kits. Might pick up this Cherry Blossom one along with a Garden kit for my desk at work.


I’m kind of surprised at the sheer number of kleenex boxes. Even I only need one box at a time.

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