Eager to see Air Disasters YouTube get its hands on MS Flight Sim 2020

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In a time long ago before this kind of off the shelf software was available I worked on an accident recreation of the ValueJet 592 crash in Florida. Doing the computer sim was good work but, syncing in the cabin audio. Well, that was the stuff of real nightmares.

MS Flight Sim accident recreation of air disasters for fun? No thanks.


Not fun. It’s more a sick fascination caused by a) amateur-made recreations affording greater realism and insight than professionally-made ones because they are freed from commercial factors that the pros are yoked to, and b) the morbid subject matter.

Sublimated anxieties of assorted kinds, etc.


I’m really looking forward to this title. But even more, I’m looking forward to other developers licensing the underlying engine and terrain data to produce some really awesome new flight simulators. Hopefully a WWI game, which is my favorite era of flight (Red Baron was the game that got my hooked on flight sims back in the early 90’s).


I’m pretty hopelessly addicted to his videos.

Other than the sick fascination, you do see how people make bad decisions. And sometimes, they save everyone. The Gimli Glider one is amazing.

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(Looking at all the sweet, sweet graphics)


(Chk - chk-ka ch-kaaaa)


Pro-Tip: click through to YouTube and check that Google isn’t shortchanging you on resolution.

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