Microsoft Flight Sim 2020 vs drone footage

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Impressive. The algo seems to have some difficulty with docks., it tends to submerge them. In one set it seems to have misidentified some trees as buildings.

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The MS rendering is amazing, on the first shot I couldn’t decide which was which.

After a while there are some weird “tells” in the MS footage, like at 0:35 when the speeding car stops on a dime and zooms in reverse at 70 MPH

Water seems to look more idealized, bluer and shinier than the murky blue/green/brown of the drone footage. But the MS beaches sure look like shit! Turns them grey, flat, and cement-like.

Remember the good old days when your cell leader made you go to flight school and you skipped the part about lowering the landing gear…

Ooh, ooh, ooh! Do Barbra Streisand’s House!

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In ten years, after a few more ice sheets have fallen into the sea, that’s going to look brilliant.

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And no, it does not let you execute fiery, spectacular crashes. The world just goes black:


I loved Balance of Power, but I remember it being brutally difficult.

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Oh, this year’s Microsoft Flight Simulator is much better than green for land, blue for sky and 1 FPS animation.

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It’s on

Hmmm. The Soviet insurgents are human rights activists and the American insurgents are the Republican Party. Are we sure the game is set in the 1980s?

dukakis was going to win, remember?

Can you crash your plane into certain buildings in this version? Can you fly underneath bridges? My graphic card is officially obsolete, so sating my curiosity looks to be pretty expensive.

Nice! If these terrain files get any better, GTA: Earth is next…

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