Easter bunny wanted for deer camera theft


Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2018/11/19/easter-bunny-wanted-for-deer-c.html


Geez…these subjects look like something straight out of True Detective.


Ugh. What a harebrained scheme. I bet the people who own those cameras are hopping mad.


That’s Bunnyzilla, yep I said it.


No, you didn’t. You typed it.


I said it, and that’s final Bill.


Don’t blame the bunny. He was egged on.


The Romans would know how to deal with that malcontent.



As a bowhunter in SW Ontario it is infuriating to have your personal property stolen off of private land where you’re trying to conserve, protect, nourish and ultimately hunt the very game animals that these dipshits know nothing about.


Furries ruin everything.


Deer camera theft? It’s obviously Thumper.


Bunny brought the stuff back just one day later (and in appropriate form)


False flag! The Pastafarians are waging war on Easter.


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