Easy way to play retro video games on your Mac

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For retro games on my Mac, I just go to the Apple Store. Head over to the game section. See that the only games available are Tiger Woods 2004 and Warcraft Battle Chest.


Wasting time at work just got a little better.

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FYI, the WiiU Pro controller connects perfectly to mine via BlueTooth.

I tried to copy a few hundred ROMs (that I totally own. What?) into the app and got an error. Works ok with a few nes ROMs tho. I’m sure I could figure this out, but meh. I already have a evercart and a harmony cart for my real nes and Atari. And a little portable gameboy sized player that plays ROMs. And the Atari flashback portable. I’m already swimming in platforms and I barely use any of them. Lol.

I know where you can get some ROMs legally. Direct from Sega themselves.

Look in the installation folder, in uncompressed ROMs.

What device is this? And would you recommend it?

BittBoy V2 (from what I read online it’s much better than the V1 and other similar looking devices). Yeah it’s pretty great… only drawbacks are that it’s pretty small so it’s not the most ergonomic thing, and you have to load the ROMs on it yourself on a mini SD. But it plays gameboy, gameboy color and NES games. It’s pretty cool.

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Awesome, thank you! Checking that out now.

Things I like about it: it’s cheap. The screen looks good, good color, the sound is surprisingly good for such a tiny device, it has a built in rechargable battery. It even has an output that you could hook up to a TV (Unfortunately you can’t hook up an external controller or play simultaneous two player games when you do that).

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You may also want to check the Retrostone https://www.8bcraft.com/retrostone/. I don’t know if it is actually good or not. But it sure looks nice.

And if you want to open the Pandora box of DIY retro handleds, then a of Game Boy Zero/CM (basically a Rapsberry Pi Zero/CM 3 in a Game Boy shell) may fill you with joy. The best place to start for it would be http://www.sudomod.com/.

Thanks, will look into that as well. I like the idea of the RPi handheld, but most of the DIY stuff requires soldering. I’m not likely to pick up that skill right at this time. I had one of the old Gamepark devices a little over a decade ago. Sadly it crapped out. I liked that it could handle DOS games (and I think Amiga as well?)

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