Eat the Teacup, It’s Delicious


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“Japan” again!


This one?


The rabbit hole just goes so fucking deep.


I reckon there’s just no good way to strike a balance between usability and palatability. The majority of these will surely be admired and perhaps given a perfunctory nibble before being trashed (and not even composted).




I have often said, while stoned I might add, that a pizza box should be edible, say as desert.

Looks like a business opportunity for the right person…


Everything is edible if you’re brave enough.
If it is indigestible then it just counts as roughage.


You’re on the track, just take that idea and run with it. Looking forward to startup!


My chef friend once said while eating a steak sandwich, " Don’t think of it as bread, think of it as an edible serviette."

You and he are onto something.



Given that pizza is basically an edible plate already, it makes a certain sense.


It’s pizza all the way down…



As your chef friend wiped their mouth on their sandwich?


Pretty much, yep.


There’s a lot of work being done on using fungi to grow packaging material. It wouldn’t be a great leap from that to an edible box. Might not taste great, however.


This is pretty amazing. I’d love to get some.




Hey I’d much rather eat edible plates and cups made by the Japanese that this stuff: