Here's how to eat slimy woodworms from the Philippines


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Um, oysters are slightly sweet oysters.




They’re molluscs. This is like a clam you don’t have to shuck.



Apart from busting open a log with an axe. At least we can still jive.


That’s… a challenging sight. I don’t think that’s high on my “Gotta try” list.


I mean. I’d eat it before Balut.


Oh the poor things, their didn’t choose to be tasty. Natural selection tried to make them repulsive.


Incidentally, say what you will about ST: DS9, but they really nailed the direction hipster foodies would go…


So in parts of Asia they eat tarantulas. We live in this world.


Can we please go back to where every other post was about Trump?

It was gross, but not as gross as this.


I dunno, with pasta, garlic and oil, I bet they’re delicious!


HAHA, just about anything with pasta, garilc and oil sounds delicious! Or maybe Im just hungry…


This /\

I ate a raw snail in Japan once. It was OK.

I’d rather eat this than leftover chicken gizzards, which have ended up in my fridge a few times. You really gotta eat those fresh.


…How about chicken gizzards?


Nope… cant do innards lol… Ive been spoiled by large scale farming too much. Im sure there is an organ out there, that when cooked a certain way, I would find delicious. Ill just never know what it is.


I have a friend who refers to all shelled seafood as sea-bugs; shrimp, lobster, crab… yum.


It’s just better when you don’t know. There does seem to be some sort of code at Asian resto’s, but honestly, you’re better off not knowing. The idea of it ruins the reality. Once you get past the idea that regardless of organ, the extra chewy connective tissue is really just extra protein, it’s fine. Especially if you work out a bunch, even for carb-heavy regimes like running the recommended protein intake is kinda nuts. (Pun not intended)

I don’t order lower intestine knowingly, though. Eating butt organ I draw the line at.