Clam makes delightful shlooping sounds as it digs itself in at the tideline


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So what you wanna do?

What you wanna do?

Mmmm, I wanna shloop…


C:\mollusk porn\bivalves\periwinkles_seacucumbers\clams


All in a day’s work.


People put these things in their mouths and eat them.


I agree with the story URL. These are clearly flooping sounds, not the shlooping sounds described in the title.


Almost exactly how I sound eating soup. Nature = wierd!


You really need one of these!


BoingBoing, I DARE you not to love this guy narrating a trip to the beach to dig razor clams with a “Clam Gun.”


“The more you slurp the more fun you have!” So true. So very true.


I need more ■■■■■ clams in my days.


< ha ha ha > you can’t say “most” with an “i” in it here, I kinda love that (I don’t remember reading that rule back when I read the rules).


I make the same kind of sounds when I’m taking a bath. Although people in the other room wouldn’t use the word “delightful”…


well they can just close the door then, can’t they?


That was hysterical. It is just like the big noise camouflaging button available in many women’s toilets in Japan that plays a loud burbling creek sound!


The door IS closed.


A FORK? Are they out of their collective minds?

…now, noise cancelling hashi and they might be going somewhere. To hell, probably.

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