In China, many people like to eat French rabbit heads


Not sure about the French part, but so do I.


This seems like a bizarre thing to eat, but then again I suffer from my cultural biases.

It doesn’t seem like a “delicacy” either, but rather an everyday sort of food, judging by the article. I guess it’s just whatever you’re used to.

Many children like to ate dissolved animal bones and hide, coloured with garish chemicals.


Is it bad that I’m contemplating the caveats of throwing a party centered around eating a large number of rabit heads and drinking cheap beer?

How do you say “Prion Disease” in Mandarin?

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In China, if it has four legs and is not a chair.
swims and is not a submarine, flies and is not a helicopter or an airplane…
The Chinese will eat it.

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I remember that place! The heads aren’t too bad - like everything else in Chengdu, they’re loaded with soy and several kinds of chili.The tricky part is getting at all the goodness inside the skull - what worked best was poking my fingers into one hole to push it out the others.

Pretty sure that it’s not affiliated with the Playboy corporation. If I’d told the butcher that the logo was associated with western porn, who knows how he’d have reacted? Maybe he’d have told me that’s disgusting.


Having been to China, where snacks are dried soft shell turtles in a brightly colored plastic package or deep fried scorpions on a stick, this doesn’t surprise me. Nothing against the Chinese. They just have a different taste sensibility than Europeans. The Chinese eat every living thing they can lay hands on. Not in a barbarous way. Simply in a “this was once living, we shall eat it” kind of way.


阮毒体, search on google

so you mean they eat people?

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You should add few chinese like that, not all of them.

Yeah, it’s really a North/South thing. Northerners often find the duck lips, rabbit heads, chicken feet and monkey brains as revolting as Westerners do. I suspect it’s because Northern cuisine emerged among pastures where large animals could be raised, and people could afford to discard the “gross” cuts of meat.


I was referring to the overall effect, not any one particular person. I am not implying every Chinese person is the same. Or that all parts of China are the same.

Compare to the United States. In the US, all we sell here in the meat section of big chain grocery stores is beef, chicken and pork. A little bit of lamb, turkey and a few other things, but not very much. The heads, feet and entrails of things are nowhere to be seen.

But in China, everything is fair game.

" in China, everything is fair game"

Intentional or not, that’s an awesome pun. 做得好!


So you never had chitlins, menudo, pig’s feet or scrambled eggs with (cow) brains? (Or learned what they use to make hotdogs.)

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Oh, I have, because I like that stuff. But tell me if you can find it in your local Safeway, Kroger’s, PriceChopper or HEB. Bon chance on that.

btw, I had some of the best food I’ve ever had in my entire life in China. And most of it from the street stalls for under $2. The lamb soup in the Muslim section if Xi’an… wow. Salivating now just thinking about it.

They have menudo at my local HEB In Houston TX.

Hey, honey, could you pick me up some duck heads and chicken feet? I’m hungry and extrema are what’s for dinner!

Compare to:
Jeanette Winterson Twitter row: Author eats the rabbit that ate her parsley and causes online backlash - People - News - The Independent
I guess the uproar was because she was a vegetarian and she showed pictures that show where meat comes from…