Ebola in a war zone: what could go wrong?


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There’s a lake in Africa some place that periodically releases deadly quantities of Co2, killing entire villages. The scientists who are monitoring the lake, lament that in the period after such a deadly event, there is ample disaster recovery funding available for relief organizations… But basically nothing available to prevent a catastrophe before it can happen.

I don’t know what it would take to lengthen humanity’s attention span.


I’m confused and very put off by the snarky, flippant tone you used in this post. What are you intending to communicate by invoking such a dismissive, condescending tone toward the people who are struggling to address this deathly crisis, and by personifying and then casually belittling the virus? What are you trying to get across? Why did you think this was a good way to write about this?


Comedy is when it happens to someone else. Tragedy is when it happens to you.

This is one of the few awful headlines lately where the United States isn’t directly implicated. If the next zombie apocalypse wasn’t your fault, wouldn’t you be a little relieved?


Where did he do that?


I suspect that our numbers would have to be drastically reduced, and our connectivity with one another would have to be lifted from the mire that is the current “social media” system.

Other than that…maybe genetic engineering, pharmaceuticals, intensive education and probably the inclusion of synthetic deities into our social structure (I just played a game of “Spirit Island” lol).


Stability and continuity would do it - stopping us rushing off to the next ‘urgent’ matter when it happens. Of course, to achieve stability and continuity we’d need to have a longer attention span. And so it goes…


Ebola in a war zone: what could go wrong?

Go wrong? You’re starting with “war” and “Ebola”; that’s a model case of starting with wrong.




Seriously, if the author was shooting for snark, just bringing up the name of the town hosting the outbreak offered limitless possibilities. In a less horrible situation, I would be full on myself. However since it is what it is I shall not.


would it not be worth their while to keep a caged animal… me thinks



I found the reference, see what you think…


the so called gas detectors that diy stores sell have no standard it seems as I tried one and later gave a false reading but there are ways to communicate a read out

I saw a tv programme years ago saying that if wild animals wander into those areas and die quite often other animals will follow for the food and they too die
but it did not report on peoples deaths


OpEx vs. CapEx has long been a distinction that had baffled and frustrated the fuck out of me.


Mixing Viruses with War is what lead to the Spanish Flu epidemic being so bad.


Ebola in a war zone - what could go right?


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