Ebola PSA

“Since it was declared almost a year ago the outbreak has been classified as a level 3 emergency – the most serious – by WHO, triggering the highest level of mobilization from WHO. The UN has also recognized the seriousness of the emergency by activating the Humanitarian System-wide Scale-Up to support the Ebola response.”

“In recommending a PHEIC the committee made specific recommendations related to this outbreak.”

“This is about mothers, fathers and children - too often entire families are stricken. At the heart of this are communities and individual tragedies,” said Dr. Tedros. “The PHEIC should not be used to stigmatize or penalize the very people who are most in need of our help.”

“Risk remains very high at national and regional levels but still low at global level. There is cause for concern linked to the recent case in Goma, as the city is a provincial capital with an airport with international flights. The intensity of the epidemiological situation is fluctuating, with about 80 new cases reported weekly.”

Good Times

“Trump and his national security adviser, John Bolton, a year ago signaled they didn’t consider epidemics a national security priority when they bounced Rear Admiral Tim Ziemer from his post as head of global health security on the White House’s National Security Council and eliminated the position.”


A very stable harbinger of plague. /s


If there was a vaccine for Ebola I’d put money down that many in the US would not take it or give it to their children.


As bad as Ebola is, at least its short incubation period tends to make quarantine possible when religious grifters aren’t actively interfering with people getting treatment. If we have something like the 1918 Spanish flu while the Trump mafia are in power, that’ll pretty much be it for the US.


Ahaha remember how we used to say the Pakistanis were so backward for not trusting US vaccines?


Aaaand this is how we nearly all die this time. Damn, Mother Nature, you’re mad. I get it, but I would really prefer to die in about 40 years from something old people die from. You know…like being old. :slightly_frowning_face:




This sounds good.

Curable seems a bit strong and premature, but it’s very promising results.


“Zmapp, for instance, was developed by infecting mice with Ebola and then collecting the antibodies the mice produced against the virus. Those antibodies then had to be further engineered to look more like a human antibody, so as not to provoke an immune reaction.”

Science rocks!

This is good news indeed.



Dr. Anthony Fauci, head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. “It is certainly not a total cure at all, but it clearly has shown a beneficial effect.”

The thing is, the treatment seems to be time-critical: After they’ve been infected, but before they get badly sick. That’s going to be a logistics nightmare in the DRC, where doctors have been attacked.

About half of all patients died when they took the latter two drugs. But for the other two, mortality was about 30%. And people who got into treatment early did much better than that. Only 6% of the relatively healthy patients died if they took the Regeneron drug, Fauci said, and 11% died in the healthier group taking mAb114.

Even the best case is still 1 in 20 dying. Demi-decimation.

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