ECT "therapy" abuse

re: It may be possible to erase bad memories

In 1964 my stepfather had our mother committed and given electroshock therapy. He then got power of attorney, double mortgaged our home, (which was built by and fully paid for by our first father). sold the car and left us.
Our mother, when released from the institution, discovered she was a single mother of two, homeless and in debt. She was previously an accountant for a lumberyard and a top sales manager at a department store chain. After the “therapy” she had forgotten how to cook, did not recognize her own children at first and had to start working as a truck stop waitress to support us in a crummy rental apartment.
Yes, it works for some, but there are still no protections in place to prevent recurrence of such abuse. Our family’s story is still being repeated out there today by the greedy rich on their own relations.

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i recommend nobody pursue treatment for anything in 2014 with tools and methods unchanged for 50 years.

e.g. don’t use DDT, make sure your car gets more than 8mpg, and expect to pay more than a nickel for a coke. also, don’t go to the state run mental hospital. as it has been closed for at least 20 years now.


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