Woman convinced husband he had Alzheimer's so he wouldn't realize she was stealing all their money

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“Donna explained”

She now do that in the comfort of the State Penitentiary. Purposely dismantling someones mental state for fiduciary gain is just about as low & disgusting a human being can go. Hope that chap gets some help with re-entering his life.


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It’s right down there…


An actual case of gaslighting. Plenty to inspire her over the past six years.


The article says she’s been ripping him off since at least 1999. The “you have Alzheimer’s” twist is probably just the most recent form of gaslighting she put the poor guy through.

At least he still has enough of a relationship with his adult daughter that she was able to help him understand what was happening and get him away from his wife’s influence.


Yeah, but she had a long head start already.


Donald J Trump: “Here, hold my beer!”


This kind of thing is FAR more common that people might think… Maybe not at this scale, but it happens. Usually without ever being revealed.


Reminds me of this:

Having been through several years of a mind-fuck under a narcissistic visionary impostor, I relate very well to this story.

He convinced me of many things, and after leaving him I’m going through a slow process of rediscovering myself.


So that’s where that comes from.

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Donna explained she fabricated this scenario to prevent (her husband) from going inside the bank and discovering the low balance in their accounts

Here is a good argument for online banking. I have not been in a bank for years. And did the bank not send periodic printed statements? Did she intercept them? All? For 20 years?


I was gas lit once and now feel the shame.

Gaslight me again and…

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My parents have been intercepting my elderly grandmother’s mail for 10 years.

She donates every single time the billy and franklin graham association asks for money.

Oh and also anything that says it’s anti-abortion and anti-LGBT.

Oh and she buys supplements her doctor tells her not to take. When we ask why she’s taking these supplements her doctor tells her not to she says “It’s because these pills are more bioavailable”.

She already has willed her fortune to the grahams. I don’t get why she thinks it’s reasonable to donate to them if she’s going to give them about $4million when she dies anyway. I wish she’d at least donate to a cause that’s not bent on killing gay africans.

What a fucking waste.


A question from Europe; how can you “steal” from someone you are already married to? Sure, she sounds like a horrible person, and the gaslighting is bang out of order.
But beyond that isn’t this a case of reckless spending rather than theft? Unless there is something about crossing the lines of a pre-nup agreement that makes it into theft?

I was wondering this as well. The wife and I have joint everything, bills get paid first so we’re not homeless but then we just share irresponsible discretionary spending duties together.

Of course it’s done out in the open but I haven’t read a bank statement in years because I trust my wife, maybe I should take a quick look see.

Yup, the way I see it, you both have been contributing handsomely to my Onlyfans account.

No but seriously, here in Europe the story is usually that a guy develops a gambling addiction and the wife has no way of getting out the joint liabilities that he eventually builds up.
I am supposing the law must be different in the US since Pesco speaks of “stealing”, but unless that law is made clear somewhere in the BB post the headline is looking more than a little sexist IMO.

In most healthy partnerships, spending on major expenses is a joint decision. If one partner gaslights a partner into falsely believing they’re no longer part of that decision-making process, it’s effectively stealing from the partnership.

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