Woman shredded $1 million before death to spite relatives

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######*artist’s rendition, not actual footage of the incident


So is that the woman or is that one of the relatives upon learning the cash will all be replaced?

What a hateful, useless action. The relatives she despised will apparently get the money anyway, and she could have successfully deprived them of it by giving it to any charitable or even pointless organization she chose.


I am sure the lady had a reason to punish the community of heirs.

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I think that was the intention. I have to wonder what went on in this family, but really I don’t want to know.


I like to imagine the little flecks are flying bits of Euro.

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Get the scotch tape out and start sorting that mess, or just send it to me. I’ll make sure you get all but a modest percentage for my labor…


Forget that. I’ve gotten a much better offer from a deposed Nigerian prince.


A single operations center of the Federal Reserve shreds and replaces a roll-off sized volume of currency about every 3 days. They do not package it. It is tarped and hauled to a paper recycling company or landfill. A minuscule quantity is compressed into ceremonial gift items.


Oh, I got that offer too…

I thought I was special. Guess not.

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Not just a spite - but a waste.

I’d have donated it to a charity they don’t like. Or random people.

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He is totally legit!

He’s on twitter and everything.


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if she really really loathed her heirs the destruction of the funds was the only way to be sure - the legitimate share is 50 % in Austria

She should have done something that would have forced her relatives to jump through some sort of demeaning hoop to get the cash, like burying it in a hidden location (that turns out to be a septic tank.)

What do you mean by that? If she spent the money before death, they would get 50% of nothing.

Alas. Should have hosted a nice barbie instead.

I thought your proposal was that she uses $charity as sole heir.

KLF? uh-huh, uh-huh.


[quote=“Boundegar, post:6, topic:68814”]
I think that was the intention. I have to wonder what went on in this family, but really I don’t want to know.
[/quote]Well, of course the intention was to spite her kin. What made it hateful and especially useless was that she failed: they’re going to get the money anyway, apparently, and at least in part that’s because instead of depriving them of the money in a useful and effective way, by giving it to some charity they didn’t approve of, she over-reached and went for the grand gesture - and failed.