Woman shredded $1 million before death to spite relatives


Or giving them the $1 million, and then offering another $4 million provided that at the end of one year they spend the $1 million


Or just burned the shreds. Perhaps she didn’t really want to deprive them of it but just make a statement?


My neighbor just had bags with thousands of dead leaves hauled away to be disposed of. Don’t they understand that these could have given somebody else a reason to live?


One company that I used to purchased stuff from used shredded US currency as packing material… I think that the FED quit distributing the shredded bills because they could be recycled into paper for counterfeiters.


(Yes, you can really trade ruined money to the gov for shiny new bills. You have to prove it was money and how much of it, of course.)


I went to Chicago on a church trip and my parents gave me some spending money. When I got home I didn’t spend it all so I gave it to my mom and I guess she put it on the counter or something. And the dog ate it. But we were able to retrieve enough of it to get them replaced.

Basically IIRC you need the serial number to survive.


Absolutely. She should have pulled a KLF and burned the money in a big bonfire.

(It’s funny reading the comments here and seeing exactly the same complaints that the KLF got when they burned their million pounds. But, they had a clear political reason for doing it & anybody could follow the trail of references they had been making in every single track and appearance and find a lucid justification of an identical event in Illuminatus, while the assumption here is that this woman just wanted to prevent her heirs from getting the money rather than taking it out of circulation and damaging the concept of money itself? If her goal was just to prevent her heirs from getting the money, this is the most convoluted possible way of doing it, so either that wasn’t her goal or she wasn’t acting rationally.)


Yeah, but quite possibly she wasn’t really herself when she decided to do this.



I once mailed damaged currency (4/5 of a $10 bill) to the US government. Got a check in the mail pretty quick.

The government doesn’t care, it has a vested interest in guaranteeing the funds. As long as you can prove the money existed and is unusable.

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Does that mean that, by Austrian law, your family receive 50% of your estate no matter what you do? if so, that’s kinda stupid.


Interesting, I hadn’t heard of them before. After a bit of reading, I was thinking of this:


More or less, the legal order of succession has some quotas (don’t know the exact values, it’s ordered by the degree of kinship, 1st spouse, 2nd children, …). If the decedent defines in his/her testament a different heir the legal one’s can go to court and sue for half of the standard amount.


4/5? The Bank of England states that their notes retain their face value for all time and will consider any request to replace accidentally damaged notes. They would prefer to have more than half of each damaged note (to stop people ripping notes in half looking for two replacements) but it is not essential. And that is about it.


I don’t recall what they will accept. That’s just what I had.

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